Our Team


Danielle Kogan

Artistic Director

Danielle is an NYC-based actor working in theatre, television, and film. She loves to tie her love of storytelling with the human connection. A proud first-generation Jewish American, she most recently graduated with two Bachelor's degrees in Theater and Journalism.

Samantha Castro

Executive Director

Samantha is a born and raised Brooklynite filmmaker. Her passion bloomed when her first experimental short film was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016. Since recently graduating with two degrees in Film Production and Journalism, she's excited to share her personal but universally relatable stories.

Jim Walsh

Business Manager

Jim has thirty years acting & improv experience. Jim was also part of an improv group for New York Dinner Theatre for ten years where he performed in Joey & Mary’s Irish/Italian Wedding, The Soapranos & High School Reunion Show. Jim has also acted in 3 independent films.


Our Values

1. Transparency & Accountability – We believe the best way to work is through compassionate honesty and shared knowledge. Therefore, we select projects that we feel unanimously apply to communities from all walks of life and create a universal truth.

2. Dedication to High-Quality & Positive Experiences - We work as an ensemble of creative people who aim to maximize the impact of their work by combining experience, training, resources, and talent to a project. Therefore, we select projects that unanimously inspire an overwhelmingly positive response and approach the work with positive energy.

3. Continuous Innovation – We recognize each production as an opportunity for growth. Therefore, with each project, we heighten the standard to which we work with each other as well as the standard at which we present our work to other people.



Please click on the button below to view our Code of Conduct. This literature is necessary for all participants regardless of role to read, understand, and sign before pursuing any kind of work with our team.